learning to read is much easier in small manageable steps

With 120 short stories progress is clear and simple. Each book builds in small incremental steps ensuring constant success and gives reading enjoyment and confidence. Books start with three letter phonetic words and a small number of “sight” words. Letters are all in lowercase so your child can start reading as soon as they can recognise and sound out 25 lowercase letters (‘q’ comes later). Bright pictures on the cover draw your child in, but only presenting words inside minimise guessing or distractions.

Reading Program

120 books teach your child to read

Blue Series

The Blue Series contains 60 books – 30 sentence books and 30 story books. This series introduces three letter words that your child can sound out. Only lower case letters are used at this stage so your child can experience the excitement of reading sooner. A few short “sight words” are also introduced to allow for some simple stories.

yellow series

The Yellow Series is next with 20 books including four and five letter phonetic words. This increases the challenge while still allowing each word to be sounded out. Further sight words are taught.

green series

The Green Series introduces double letter sounds like “oa” in “boat”. This considerably increases the number of words that your child can sound out and solve for themselves.

red series

The Red Series expands on the Green Series with more challenging combinations of sounds like “ay” in “play” or “a_e” in “gate”. Understanding these rules is important in reading and later becomes essential in spelling. Capital letters are now introduced.



Real Books

While apps and reading on the computer have their place, there isn’t anything quite like reading an actual book. Printing, binding and posting 120 books turns out to be expensive. If you have access to a printer though, you can print your own. You then get the best reading experience but at a low cost. 

Is it my turn to read yet?


To get the best looking books print on A5 paper and buy a small booklet stapler. This will make printing and binding much easier.

You can buy these at any office supply store. If you are happy to buy on Amazon click on the images below to see good options.

Swing Stapler

Swing the stapler arm around to staple neatly without having to fold pages of the book.

A5 Paper

Print books at just the right size for little hands. No cutting and less printer ink to get the perfect book.

Instructions on how to print booklets are provided with your digital download or you can click on this link [Print Books]